Google’s Stadia Will Support Xbox’s Adaptive Controller

While Google has its own controller for its upcoming cloud-streaming console Stadia, they announced that Stadia will also be compatible with Microsoft’s Xbox Adaptive Controller, allowing gamers with disabilities to enjoy the console. Google’s goal is to allow anyone that has a Chrome capable device (which includes, PC, phone, tablet or even the Chromecast dongle) to not have to worry about purchasing additional Stadia supplies if you already own a controller and the Adaptive controller is on the list of non-Google controllers supported by Stadia.

After this was announced, Bryce Johnson of Microsoft, took to Twitter and implored other platforms to also take adding compatibility to the Adaptive Controller into consideration. His tweet can be seen below:


Microsoft has been more open than ever to working with the competition and by allowing Stadia to work with their Adaptive Controller is just another step in that newfound openness. We’ve already learned the Microsoft is bringing their Xbox Live Game Pass to Nintendo Switch, along with continuing to publish games under their Play Anywhere initiative.

Source: Gamasutra

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