Epic Games Releases Roadmap of New Features for Store

Epic Games has released a roadmap for their store. The roadmap shows plans for the store to have cloud saves, achievements, user reviews, a store page redesign, and more. You can view the roadmap on Trello where Epic explains which features will be implemented and what the target dates are for each feature. Of course, as with anything under development, the caveat of “subject to change” is noted for each of the dates.

Epic believes that these features have been a long time coming for their community. Most other storefronts offer these features as standard so Epic wanted to make sure that their storefront offered them as well. Some of these features are dated to launch within the next three months which include: offline improvements, cloud saves, and improved patch sizes.

Achievements and a Shopping Cart are features that they are also aiming to add in the future. Improving social features is another goal they are striving to achieve. One of the other features Epic is looking to do is offer an opt-in for developers. This would allow developers to have a say on whether or not user reviews will be allowed for their titles. This is due to review bombing done by the community, an issue that recently caused Valve to change their stance on user reviews.

If you wish to view the entire roadmap yourself, you can do so here.

Source: Gamasutra