Denuvo Strikes Again And Drops Performance In Devil May Cry 5 For PC

Holy framerate drop Nero

There’s been a long-running debate regarding the anti-tamper software, Denuvo and if it presents any performance issues in the many games it is applied to. Well, I’d say the debate is questionable, as there has been documented proof, both from developers and modders from the PC scene. Despite that, companies still use Denuvo as a way to help (not really) deter people from pirating their games. Usually, it doesn’t last long as the software ultimately ends up being defeated rather quickly.

So what’s this have to with Devil May Cry 5? Well, now that the game is available for the PC, there’s been an interesting turn of events. An executable was released by Capcom, by mistake, as it did not include Devuno. This file has been removed from the Steam depot, as well as other locations that the file was previously located at. However, that’s not the big news. 

Turns out the file without Denuvo baked in has a substantial performance upgrade. Or, should I say, the game is running how it was originally supposed to. We all know the Denuvo has been known to handicap games, and we’re seeing it again with Devil May Cry 5. Multiple people have shown screenshots and confirmed the boost in framerates. Some as much as 20-30 frames per second, others even more.

What’s more, people are reporting no negative effects using this file. It doesn’t disable achievements or online play. Which make sense as it’s still the original file, released by the actual developer.

That said, I’ve love to test this for myself. Except I don’t have access to that file. If I did, that would be a different story.

DMC5PC-Denuvo-Before DMC5PC-Denuvo-After

It’s pretty clear as to what’s going on here, isn’t it? Which is also a shame. The “original” non-Denuvo file isn’t available for those who purchased the game. While it’s just a matter of time before the game is cranked and those who will acquire the game by other means will have the non-crippled version of the game. Once again showing that companies are in fact punishing those who play by the rules.

Now that the cat is outta the bag, the question is will Capcom provide the file or remove Denuvo anytime soon. We know it’s out there and honestly, there’s nothing stopping those who have the file from sharing it with anyone else.

To be honest, I knew how bad Devuno was and I was highly upset that it was included in Devil May Cry 5. Yet, I understand that developers and publishers want to protect their products. However, we’ve seen that Denuvo ain’t it and hasn’t been useful in months. Most games have been cracked in weeks, some in days. Yet companies are still using it and still punishing those who spend their cash on crippled games.

The ball is in your court, Capcom. What do you plan on doing about this now that the proof is out there?

Devil May Cry 5 is now available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Check out our review of the game here.

Source: Steam Community