Dead Cells On PC Is Getting A Free DLC Called ‘Rise of the Giant’

Dead Cells, a game that I first laid eyes on during PAX East 2017, and has been a game that captured my heart. Is now getting a free DLC called “Rise of the Giant”.

Motion Twin, the developer of Dead Cells, has stated that the DLC is slated for a March 28, 2019, release date. Rise of the Giant will be made available for the PC for free. The Steam page is currently live

Console fans shouldn’t worry as the DLC will also make it to the consoles at a later date. The team apologizes for this but wants fans to remember that Motion Twin is still a small team comprised of seven people. Have faith people, it’s coming to you.


So what can you expect in this DLC? According to the developer, new levels, a couple of new bosses to make us pull out our hair (if you still have it). New enemies, 10 to be exact, and a few new weapons and skills to round it all out. Oh, and they’re also introducing skins into the game as people have been requesting them for some time. They’ve mentioned they not only are their female skins, but also a Christmas tree skin. Wait, what?

Looks like it’s time for me to dust off those skills of mine and dive back into the zany world of Dead Cells. I pray the RNG gods are kind to me.

Dead Cells is currently available on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC. Haven’t played it yet? Then you definitely should check out our review of the game, here.



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