Cook, Serve, Delicious 2!! Launches for Xbox One and Switch Next Month

Developer vertigo gaming announced that the restaurant simulation game Cook, Serve, Delicious 2!! will be arriving on both the Xbox One and the Switch. It will be released on April 10, 2019, not price has been mentioned as of yet.

For those unfamiliar with the game, here is an overview of the game from its Steam page:

“Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!! is the massive sequel to the surprise best selling original, one of the few games that gives players complete control on how they want to build their restaurant.

The game starts like any other morning at SherriSoda Tower as you take the elevator up to open Cook, Serve, Delicious!, a platinum star restaurant that was surging in popularity thanks to your amazing chef and management skills. Just then, a swarm of police surround SherriSoda Tower. It seems the SherriSoda head executives were secretly stealing funds from the company at the same time they were incurring a staggering amount of debt, draining the accounts of the tower and several of the businesses inside of it, including CSD. Just like that, the tower was closed and put up for federal auction, including everything inside of it. It was all over… the Cook, Serve, Delicious! restaurant was no more.

Angry but determined to rebuild, you’ve scrounged up all of your personal life’s savings and bought commercial space inside the Teragon Supertower, the largest skyscraper in the city. It’s here that you will start a brand new Cook, Serve, Delicious! restaurant, build it back to its former glory and rebuild your legacy as the best chef in the world.

Features include:

  • A 60+ hour experience as you build your restaurant from a roach-infested eatery to a World Class Platinum Star experience by either running your own restaurant or branching out as a chef for hire, where you take jobs within the tower and various restaurants as you gain experience with the large array of foods, which spans 400 levels across 33 restaurants!
  • Several modes including Classic Mode that brings back the classic gameplay of the original, Stress mode that instantly rockets the difficulty to the highest setting, and Zen mode, which allows you to take it easy and relaxes many of the stressful elements to provide an easy day of cooking. 
  • All new gameplay features and additions, with greater flexibility of difficulty for those who like it casual or insanely difficult.
  • Over 200 foods, sides, drinks and desserts to choose from, a staggering increase from the 30 foods in the original game.
  • New local co-op mode! The all-new split screen co-op feature allows you to play through the entire game with two players, with the ability for players to drop in and out during your progress within the game.
  • Tons of lore including an email system with over 600 emails, unlockable secrets, and tons more!
  • Unlock over 1,200 restaurant objects and design your restaurant however you’d like with the Designer mode.
  • All new 1080p native/60fps code.”

The game first made its debut back in September 2017 for PC and it later arrived on the PS4 in December 2018. Get your chef hats ready because the game is making its way to Xbox One and the Switch April 10.


Check out a trailer for it down below:

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