Cobra Kai Season 2 Official Trailer

Cobra Kai Season 2 Trailer Arrives

There have been a TON of reboots, remakes, continuations and on and on about shows that helped defined past decades. And most of them…haven’t been good. But Youtube did things right when they brought back the Karate Kid in the form of Cobra Kai. Taking place decades after the legendary movies, we saw Daniel and Johnny as adults, and how their lives had changed after their epic battle in the first movie. Daniel rose, and Johnny fell. Until fate intervened and brought Johnny purpose again. And now, that purpose takes a dark turn as the Cobra Kai Season 2 trailer has shown.

For as the end of the first season showed, Daniel is getting back in the teaching game full time. Not just with Johnny’s son, but with his daughter, and a legion of new students via Miagi-Do Dojo. And as for Johnny, his old mentor John Kreese is back, and his “No Mercy” mentality is clearly having an effect on Johnny and his new students.

The trailer teases another epic showdown between these two dojos. Daniel is preaching peace and balance. While Johnny is giving strength and determination. Cobra Kai won the last bout, but will that happen again?

We’ll find out when Cobra Kai Season 2 arrives on Youtube Premium on April 24th