Anthem’s Loot System Among Latest Problems with Game

Players of EA and BioWare’s latest offering, Anthem, were pretty vocal in their dissatisfaction after Path 1.0.3 fixed an issue which stopped giving player loot at a frequent rate that they had been accustomed to. The patch even launched three days early as it was meant for a March 12 launch but when live on March 9 instead. The patch did bring some good along for the side such as the removal of respawn restrictions, improved stability, audio improvements, and low-quality gear no longer dropping for players that are at level 30.

A bug did occur that granted players an increased rate of mastercraft and legendary gear; however, Patch 1.0.3. fixed that bug and players saw a big decrease in end-game quality loot being handed out from stronghold missions. This spawned a session where players complained about how loot is handled in Anthem. 

BioWare took to Twitter in order to address the issue. The following Tweets were made in response to the feedback:

Players took to Reddit and even proclaimed that they wish to boycott the game until quality loot becomes more prevalent. Some are being a bit more rational and want BioWare to come to a compromise with them.

Anthem didn’t exactly have a stellar launch, especially with reports of it crashing consoles. Now, a loot system that doesn’t grant instant gratification to entitled players is becoming the focus of the game’s problems.