Anthem’s 1.04 Update Adds Legendary Missions and Removes a Loading Screen

Anthem‘s newest patch is now live, adding legendary missions, Elysian Caches, and a number of fixes. 

Legendary missions provide players with the opportunity to replay main story missions at a much higher difficulty. Only one legendary mission will be available per day, but that mission can be completed an unlimited number of times. Only six story missions are in the rotation for legendary missions right now, but more are coming in April according to the content roadmap.

Elysian Caches are chests that appear after defeating a stronghold boss. These can only be opened with Elysian Keys, which are awarded for completing daily challenges. If one player chooses to spend their Keys to open a Cache, the entire party receives loot. These Caches contain 67 unique vanity rewards ranging from vinyls to victory poses to emotes, and you’ll never get a duplicate item when you open one.

As far as fixes go, BioWare removed the loading screen needed to enter the Forge. The Forge can also be accessed from the pause menu in Fort Tarsis or the Launch Bay, so there’s no need to walk to one specific spot just to modify your loadout anymore. The removal of this loading screen and the ability to access the Forge from anywhere goes a long way in improving Anthem‘s pacing and getting players to the good stuff faster.

Loot drops were adjusted as well, presumably as a result of the multitude of community complaints following the last patch. Chests now have a chance to drop additional items, and apex creatures like Titans, Furies, and Escari (essentially Anthem‘s boss enemies) will drop more loot as well. Players running grandmaster difficulty strongholds will have better chances of getting masterwork and legendary items from bosses, too, which makes attempting Anthem‘s challenging endgame content all the more rewarding. 

You can check out the full list of changes here.