Originally slated to be released on the PlayStation 4, Switch and PC, Blazing Chrome is a run-and-gun shooter, that pays heavy homage to multiple games of old. Including one of my favorite games, Contra: Hard Corps on the Sega Genesis.

However, Xbox One fans will now be able to partake in this upcoming title as Blazing Chrome was recently announced for the Xbox One. Interesting enough when we had some hands-on with the game, we had asked about a possible Switch and Xbox One port. While the Switch eventually got announced, we reached out to see if there was still any news regarding the Xbox One.

I’m happy to see that the title is covered on all platforms now. Especially since a game like this should be played by everyone. It’s fun, it’s got a bit of a challenge factor to it, and well, it reminded me of Contra. A series that has been dead for quite some time. It’s that right, Konami?


Blazing Chrome offers a lot of features in the legacy of classic run-and-gun games:

  • Local and remote co-op gameplay.
  • 16-bit post-apocalyptic environments.
  • Classic fast-paced run-and-gun experience.
  • Epic boss battles and crazy lot minibosses fights.
  • Genuine arcade feel.
  • Motorcycle and jetpack action.
  • Rad pixel art.

There’s still no release date set in stone for Blazing Chrome, but rest assured. Once we know something, you’ll know something.

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