It was announced today that Chinese tech company Tencent is partnering with Intel in order to launch a game streaming service called Instant Play. This comes after Tencent’s CEO, Ma Huateng, previously announced that they were looking to invest in cloud gaming.  While Tencent focused on higher priorities such as PC and mobile gaming, they believe now is the time to being that investment and offer cloud-streamed games to consumers.

With Microsoft’s Xcloud and Google’s Project Stream out there, the company feels that they need to offer a competitive service in their own homeland. Tencent states that their Instant Play service will work on both home PC as well as mobile devices, much like Xcloud and Project Stream do.

Tencent and Intel also discussed their plans at this year’s Game Developer’s Conference (GDC).

At this time, there was no announcement of a release date or pricing structure for the service. 

In regards to the streaming service, if you thought that this was just a fad. News like this should tell you otherwise. With Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and several other big players getting involved in streaming games. And Tencent getting into the picture as well. Cloud-based gaming isn’t going away anytime soon.

Source: Gamasutra