All eyes are on Nintendo this year, and not just because their latest console, the Switch, is doing really well in console and software sales. They’re looking at them because 2019 is set to be a major year for their console game wise. At present, we know about things like Fire Emblem Three Houses, the Pokemon RPG core title, and Yoshi’s Crafted World. Even with the loss of Metroid Prime 4, they have a lot to offer, and the Big N noted in their recent financial briefing that they have more to offer too.

One of the heads of Nintendo noted:

In addition to the titles we have already announced for scheduled release in 2019, we’re also preparing for releasing software titles which would delight consumers including one that is good fit for Nintendo Switch Online. As developers, we are always thinking about how we come up with seeds of entertainment that consumers are going to enjoy, and how to grow it to new products. 

The legend himself, Shigeru Miyamoto also was there and noted that the Big N has always been about quality, and sometimes getting that quality means working even more with the dev teams:

 I have a very positive attitude about R&D investment. Because we are cooperating with other companies on software development, weʼre working on a larger scale than what can be handled solely within the company in terms of managing software development. But even as we expand the development scale, it is important that we will firmly maintain the Nintendo-made quality of the software. I know some people say we just need to hire more developers. We arenʼt merely focused on increasing development staff, but we are focusing on nurturing more developers adequately.

What this means for the Switch in 2019 is somewhat unclear, but what is clear is that when the games come, they will be something worth waiting for.

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