While the previous Devil May Cry V demo was only available for the Xbox One. Capcom did mention that the next upcoming demo would also be available on the PS4, alongside the Xbox One. That new demo is live as of now, well it today is Thursday, Feb. 7th, 2019. If not, you’ll have to wait until tomorrow.

This new demo weighs in at 8-9GB, depending on the platform and will introduce new elements to try out. Such as the new Punchline Devil Breaker, as well as being able to use Devil May Cry van to customize your character. You’ll also score 30,000 red orbs that will transfer over to the full game, should you decide to pick it up. Outside of this, the demo will be similar to the exclusive Xbox One demo. There is a new encounter, however, that I didn’t experience in the original Xbox One demo.

That said, the Punchline Devil Breaker is really nice. Normal usage provides a constant attack that staggers enemies, while the powered up version basically uses it into a rocket-powered skateboard that lets you attack and score some insane damage.

Devil May Cry V Demo Customization 1

Sadly, the new demo is still skipping the PC, just like the previous one. I’m guessing Capcom doesn’t want anyone to either defeat Denuvo or to datamine that game. Something that happens quite frequently on the PC. Which is a shame, as I’d love to get some benchmarking done or just to see it running on the PC in the first place. I don’t think we’ve seen that outside of the AMD Radeon VII demo. Remember when the PC used to get all the demos.

Devil May Cry V releases on March 8, 2019, for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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