In a move that was inevitable, Crunchyroll is no longer streaming My Hero Academia or Attack on Titan’s first seasons on their service. With the partnership between Crunchyroll and FUNimation over with, titles that were shared between the two streaming services would eventually come to an end and that process is now beginning.

At the moment, the second and third seasons of both shows are still available and even though the partnership between the two companies is over, Crunchyroll is in discussions with FUNimation about the rights to those shows so that they may continue to stream them on their platform, so don’t give up hope quite yet, folks!

Both shows have been a staple for Crunchyroll subscribers and the company is fully aware of this. We can only hope that an agreement can be reached so that members can continue to stream two of the biggest anime of the current era. If not, this will be a major blow to Crunchyroll’s service.