The general response of X-Men: Dark Phoenix has been a resounding “meh.” So it comes as no surprise that they released a new trailer for the film that comes with a little more drama.

We see Sophie Turner’s Jean Grey struggling with the powers of the Dark Phoenix, which it turns out she will get in space. It is implied that she kills Mystique (probably cause Jennifer Lawrence really wants out of these movies) and turns away from her team in fear. There’s an angsty Scott, Professor X now in the signature chair, and a very ominous Storm monologue. Oh, and hey, can’t forget about the Quick Silver slo-mo scene that every single film in the franchise must now have.


The big question is who silver-haired Jessica Chastain character is. There have been theories circulating that she is a Skrull, or a member of the Hellfire Club. Her name is Nova and she has a connection with Charles, but there’s little else known about her.

According to Chastain, in an interview she did with Jimmy Fallon, she is an alien and she does mean harm:

“I play this character from another world and I come to Earth because Miss Jean Grey has a power that I want to harness for my own uses…I think the power’s for good, but other people might think it’s for evil. I mean, I get to beat up a lot of X-Men in the movie…maybe kill some?”

Director and writer Simon Kinsberg’s take on the character provides a little insight as well in Entertainment Weekly:

“She definitely is mentally as strong as Jean. Jean cannot read her mind. Like you see in the trailer, she can manipulate others minds so that they see things that she wants them to see. But she has a whole suite of powers that we explore in the movie; some of them are mental and some of them are physical. There’s a whole sequence where she basically takes apart the X-Men.”

Hopefully, this character will be a pleasant surprise rather than a groan-worthy one, but we’ll have to wait for more information to sneak out…or wait til it comes out.


X-Men: Dark Phoenix is set to premiere in theaters on June 7, 2019.

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