Marvel’s Upcoming ‘Loki’ Series Gets Showrunner

As yet more Marvel-Netflix shows bite the dust, we get some news about one of the most anticipated Disney+ series, currently entitled Loki. The project seems to be well under way, now that Disney has announced the series has a showrunner, Ricky & Morty writer Michael Waldron.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Waldron will be executive producer and will write the pilot for the show. While we don’t know whether or not the Asguardian trickster really survived his encounter with Thanos, or will somehow come back, the show might not rely on that plot point to go on. Sources say that the show will be about Loki popping in at different points in time to cause mischief, influence history, and get what he wants.

There are two other shows coming up as well. The first is The Vision and Scarlet Witch, being created by Captain Marvel writer Jac Schaeffer. The newest announced is a yet untitled project featuring Falcon and the Winter Solider, to be played by their original actors, Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan, respectively. Malcolm Spellman from Empire will be working on that project.

Sadly, that’s all the news we have. There’s no telling whether these shows will be ready by the time Disney+ goes live or if the roll-out will be slower and take more time. Still, Disney having the ability to bring back its actors to make TV shows and connect the movie and TV universes opens up lots of new possibilities.