Haven Is The Game Bakers Next Title And It’s An RPG

The Game Bakers, creators of the smash hit and one of my favorite games, Furi, has just announced their next game. Dubbed Haven, this game appears to follow the story of two characters that have escaped to a lost planet. For better or for worse it would seem.

Unlike Furi, which was a fast-paced action game. Haven is an RPG, that can apparently be played solo or with another person. 


We are pretty excited to share with you a first glimpse at our upcoming game Haven. Since most of you know us from Furi, well, it’s not Furi 2. Haven is an Adventure RPG about everyday love, rebelling against the rules and also, food. You play as two lovers who escaped to a lost planet. The only thing that matters to them is to stay together. The game will be available for PC and Consoles, and you will be able to play it solo, or with a special someone. We’ve been working on it for two years now, and we will share more with you soon. To stay posted, don’t hesitate to wishlist the game on Steam, join us on our Discord or register for our very occasional newsletter here thegamebakers.com/haven

Danger, the group that contributed to Furi’s soundtrack. Which was really damned good, so I expect their offering for Haven to be just as good. The title won’t be released until 2020, so there’s quite some time before we get more information on the game. However, we do know that Haven will see a release on console and PC. It’s a safe assumption that we’ll see this on the PS4, and Xbox One, that is unless the PS5 and the next Xbox is released first. 


Oddly enough, despite the game being some time away, there is a Steam page for it already. 

It’s not Furi 2, which I was hoping we’d get, still, this does seem appealing. The art direction that we can see so far looks really amazing. It looks cell shaded and reminds me a lot of what we recently saw from Astral Chain’s art direction.


I’m definitely looking forward to more information on Haven in the near future. In the meanwhile, be sure to bookmark the official Haven website, and The Outerhaven while you’re at it.

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