Dimension W Vol. 13 Review 1Title: Dimension W Vol. 13
Author: Yuji Iwahara
Publisher: Yen Press
Language: English
Format: Paperback
Pages: 192
Genre: Sci-Fi, Action
Publication Date: February 19. 2019

The Story

Volume 13 of Dimension W starts off with Mira, Ellie, and Kyouma captured at the fort by an unknown person. It isn’t long until we find out that the unknown person is a gumshoe named Hans who is searching for his sister Sasha. He aims to clear her name after falsely being accused of Chandra’s murder. After the misunderstanding gets sorted out, Kyouma and Hans join forces and their combined efforts lead them to the mountains where a cult named Organ resides. There, their leader Guru Lada claims that he can cleanse the world of its nothingness and remove the stain of coils from a person’s body. Lada also is a bit of a pervert and ends up capturing Mira and another girl, forcing them to remove their clothing. That’s when Mira breaks free and escapes. At this point, there’s more to Lada than meets the eye as he’s fully aware that Mira is a creation of Dr. Yurizaki.

The commotion gets Kyouma’s attention and he springs into action. Meanwhile, Hans and Ellie sneak in and find a pumping station which seems to be the source behind the mystery of the water being a bit too pure. There, they are chased by dogs and are forced to hide in a building where they meet Lebron Carlson, a researcher from the past who worked on Time Machines until Dr. Yurizaki’s theory of Dimension W destroyed all of his work. Sasha is also at the building and gets reunited with her brother Hans.

Kyouma ends up joining them but it appears Carlson is also corrupt. This is where our volume ends.

Wow… that’s some hatred for Dr. Yurizaki. For as much as he’s done throughout this entire series, there sure are a ton of people who dislike his work! The story was a little on a dull side in this volume as this seems like a filler arc more than anything. A couple of mad scientists with ties to Yurizaki running a cult in the mountains. I’ve seen stories like this as far back as 80’s cartoons. While the story wasn’t really to my liking, we did get some great character development for Mira!


As we know, Mira is beginning to become more and more human-like. This volume proved that by having her experience the emotion of anger for the first time. She was able to control the nanomachines in her body and push herself beyond her limits but this time, it came at the sacrifice of clear judgment. If it weren’t for Kyouma stopping her, she would have done some pretty ugly things to Guru Lada… even if he deserved everything he had coming to him.

It appears that Mira cannot remember or at least tell what she has done in that state. When she came out of it, she was shocked to see that all the damage that was around her was caused by her. Instead of not knowing about the damage completely, it seems she’s aware of what she did but still can’t comprehend that was her that pulled it off. It makes you wonder if she will be able to fully control that emotion and that mode later on. I think with the more she becomes human-like, the more she will be able to control her body and bend it to her will. Heck, she’s already mastered sending her image through Dimension W so anything is possible at this point.

Guru Lada and Lebron were simply two scientists that worked together on time machine theory only have all of their research invalidated by Dr. Yurizaki’s proven theory of Dimension W. This send the two of them into a spiral of depression and, ultimately, madness. A generic tale for some filler characters that we’ll probably never see again once this arc is over…. Which should be the next volume.

Final Thoughts

I’m not saying that I didn’t enjoy this volume… I did find it entertaining but this kind of story isn’t really one that I care for. I did enjoy Mira’s development and there was one little bit they touched upon that had my attention fully. I won’t go into it and spoil all of the details but it involved Nove, the Syndicate, and some of our collectors from Easter Island. Let’s just say that they took a page out of every video game that comes out these days and put all of them into a Battle Royale… but for what purpose? Heck, I would like to see a full volume dedicated to that rather than just a few simple pages!

It did give you just enough to make you wonder what the entire purpose is behind making them fight each other. Even Nove wouldn’t release any information about what lies beyond for those who come out victorious. That simple little sidestep away from this story was more interesting than the entire volume for me. With this story arc wrapping up in Volume 14, I’m assuming the end of 14 and Volume 15 will pick up what’s happening with the Syndicate and the Collectors. That should be some good stuff right there!

Not every volume of a series can be a masterpiece and sadly, Vol. 13 of Dimension W wasn’t one for me. That’s just my opinion and I’m sure there will be those out there who will enjoy this volume regardless.

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