Amy Is Set To Return In SoulCalibur VI, Coming Soon To All Platforms

Amy, a character that was first introduced in SoulCalibur II, and as a playable character in SoulCalibur III, is set to make her return in SoulCalibur VI. Announced during the 2019 EVO Japan event, Bandai Namco has stated that Amy will be available soon for all platforms.

Amy will soon join the stage of history in SOULCALIBUR VI! Born in the slums of Roven in the French Empire, Amy grew up in a crucible filled with violence, cynicism, and despair. But as fate would have it, a chance encounter with Raphael would change her life forever and set her on a path to become a great sword wielding warrior in her own right. SOULCALIBUR fans should prepare now for Amy’s impending arrival to deal pain and death to all who stand in her way. We’ll be back to update everyone on exactly when Amy will debut in SOULCALIBUR VI soon, stay tuned!

While the trailer doesn’t really give us a good idea on her playstyle if she’s anything like she was in previous games. Then she’s going to be a handful for some, and fan favorite for others. She was always a quick character, good for in and out hits while having decent damage output. It’s going to be interesting to see how she plays this time around.d

She’ll be the 3rd DLC character to make her way into the game, following the release of Tira and 2B from Nier: Automata.

While you wait for her release, check out some the released screenshots of her in action below. 


SoulCalibur VI is available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Check our review of the game here.