C2E2 2019 is aiming to be the biggest event of the history of the convention, not the least of which is because the convention is celebrating 10 years of Con life! So far, some big names have been dropped such as Paul Rudd, Maurice LaMarche and Rob Paulsen of Animaniacs and Pinky & The Brain fame, and now, we have gotten confirmation that Doctor Who will be represented in a big way.

First up, John Barrowman, who played the fan-favorite Companion Captain Jack Harkness will be there. Fans of Arrow will recognize him as Malcolm Merlyn. Then, recently, it was confirmed that the 11th Doctor, Matt Smith was going to make his C2E2 debut this year. And today, it was revealed that he’ll be joined by the 10th Doctor David Tennant (who you might also know as Kilgrave from Jessica Jones and Scrooge McDuck from the DuckTales reboot!).

According to C2E2, he’ll be there on Saturday and Sunday and will be doing photo ops, autograph sessions, and even some panels. I’d be very surprised if the two Doctors came together for a fun little panel about being The Doctor and the evolution of Doctor Who.

All this takes place at C2E2 2019 which happens March 22nd-24th.

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