Street Fighter Pro League Introduces Character Bans

Street Fighter Tour Character Bans

A new North American esports pro league focusing on Street Fighter V is introducing a 3v3 team tournament format featuring players from all over competing. 

At first, I was excited despite my view on SFV I love a good team tournament and a new shaken up format on a pro tour sounds very interesting and from the reactions, I’ve seen many feel the same. However, that excitement was quickly doused with the ruling that there will be a “character ban” feature in this pro circuit. In the press release straight from Capcom Unity, it was stated: “At the start of each match, teams will have the opportunity to ban one character for the entirety of the match.”

While it was introduced just to shake up things many have found it to be a “stupid” addition to any type of tournament. With this completely defeating the purpose of any type of tournament. The view on this ban feature has been shared by many voices, of which all are in agreement with – this ban is silly.

Here’s hoping they meant it when they said “We’ll be paying close attention to fan feedback to incorporate it into future seasons of the League.” 

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