Steve Carell and ‘Office’ Showrunner Greg Daniels Team Up for Netflix’s ‘Space Force’

News came today that Netflix’s latest series order is Space Force, a space-themed, comedy created by The Office star Steve Carell and showrunner Greg Daniels. The idea is a comedic spin on President Donald Trump’s idea for a “space force” to be implemented as the sixth branch of the military. Space Force is being described as a workplace comedy centered around the group tasked with the creation of this new branch. Who better to lead this project than the face of and creator of the quintessential workplace comedy The Office

A teaser dropped today that lays out the premise and sets the tone.

Despite the fact that The Office ended in 2013, it remains one of Netflix’s most watched shows and a valuable acquisition for the steaming service. Because of this, Netflix must have great confidence in Space Force, as evidence by the fact that it was ordered straight-to-series. In addition, sources note that Carell is receiving about $1 million per episode as star and co-creator, a staggeringly high and record-breaking salary. Carell’s legacy from The Office is not forgotten; he starred in a number of films this year including Welcome to Marwen and Vice. Apple has also cast him beside Jennifer Anniston in their own upcoming original series – a first for the company. 

There is no official release date for Space Force, and apart from Carell, no further casting news. Expect to hear more from Netflix in the coming months. 

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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