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‘Shazam!’ Gets New Clip, And Yeah…He’s Not So Serious

After the global success of Aquaman (one…BILLION DOLLARS!!!), DC Comics film is on a high that it hasn’t been since Wonder Woman released back in 2017. And now, the team at Warner Bros is hoping to continue that momentum with the arrival of their next film, Shazam! The cult-classic character is finally getting the spotlight, and this April, his time on the big screen will come.

We’ve already had the teaser trailer for the film, and while the second full trailer isn’t out yet, a one-minute clip of the film was released by the official Twitter handle for the movie.

In it, we see more of Billy Batson as Shazam, including him fighting the evil Dr. Sivana (played by the amazing Mark Strong), who clearly has the powers of the wizard himself in this film. We also see how the film is playing up the comedy aspect. Noting that “He’s Not So Serious”. Cutting to a shot of Shazam trying to get beer from a store because he’s “old enough” and later on asking a real estate agent for a “lair”.

Clearly, this is going to be the funniest of the DC Comics films so far (though Aquaman did have plenty of laughs as you’ll see in my review!), and that’s fine given the character.

The film arrives on April 5th, check out the full clip below!