One of the things that players love about Super Smash Bros is that ever since Brawl, the announcements of who was going to be a new character in the game was a thrill. The hype and style of the announcements has only grown since then, and now, each new trailer gives players chills. But, in the case of Piranha Plant, it gave them all shock. For this was one character that no one thought would be in the game.

But now, with the game’s release (and over 5 million in sales in just the first three days), the game is looking towards its DLC characters, the first of which is Joker. But for Piranha Plant, this character is a “purchase bonus” if you will. If you register Ultimate on your MyNintendo account before January 31st, you’ll get the character.

And now, a reminder has shown up in Ultimate that says that the tentative release date for Piranha Plant is February 2019. Which lines up with when most people expected the character to arrive, but now we have Nintendo’s own word on that.

So if you have the game and haven’t registered yet, do so, then look for the email from Nintendo with the code to download the character for free.

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