Outerhaven Anime: First Reaction – Dimension High School

When I was looking through this season’s lineup, I saw a premise so absurd that it piqued my interest. Not because the premise sounded good but because it sounded like the show would be an absolute and total train wreck. I decided to check out the first episode just to see how bad Dimension High School would be. Spoilers: Stay away, folks. Stay far away.

Let’s Go!

First Impressions

I will give the show some credit. The fact that they started off the show as live-action was a nice touch. The reason for that is the show’s premise is about high school students who are transported to the anime world where they attend school. I don’t know how much more meta that can get but it was dumb enough to get me to check it out.

The live-action portion was okay at best. It didn’t help that their teacher looked about as young as they did. All of a sudden, a rock that Shiroyama found started floating and… well… uh…

Yep.. that’s Spudio the 22nd… a floating rock that transports all of them into the anime world where the CG is so bad, it makes me wish I were watching the 2017 version of Berserk. The characters just pass through each other with no collision detection, they have very little to no expressions, and the animation is atrocious to the point where amateur high school students could provide higher quality.

To their credit, they did sound as if they were having fun. While they’re in the anime world, a giant Sphinx just comes barreling through the wall, once again, ignoring collision detection. He presents puzzles and if you get it wrong, he eats your soul. Get it right and you go back to the real world until the next round begins. You know, because that’s what Sphinx’s do. They just give you puzzles and eat your souls.

They get the first one wrong and their teacher, whom of which Midorigaoka has a raging hard-on for, gets eaten and dies… until they solve the next puzzle in which they’re all sent back and the teacher is revived. However, as payment for revival, they lose their most precious thing… which was all of his money. So ends the first episode, and my time watching this series.

Worth Watching?

NO – This was probably the cringiest show I’ve seen and I’ve seen quite a few shows that made me cringe. If you want to know what a bad VR simulation looks like without buying yourself a VR kit, then just download and watch the first episode of Dimension High School. The only good thing going for it is its opening “Here We Go” by 4 Dimensions. The song was pretty catchy and I would like to hear a full version of it. Sadly, the opening song is the only thing I would like to see more of out of this show. From the terrible premise to the atrocious production, this show tries to make fun of itself but I wasn’t really laughing. Some people might find this kind of show entertaining… if so, more power to you. Rock on and enjoy. As for me, I’ll pass on this one.

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