The Nintendo Switch has been a boon for almost every single indie game that has come its way, and to that end, the Big N has been pushing these new indie game hard on their system when they can. Today, a new Nintendo Indie Highlights dropped and featured 9 impressive titles. Here’s the breakdown, and the full event is in the video below.

Wargroove – After a very stylish anime-esque trailer, Wargroove got detailed as a turn-based RPG that will not only be playable by you, but up to three others. The game has four different races you can play as, and you can even make your own levels, branching storylines, and cutscenes! The game will release on February 1st.

Double Kick Heroes – This unique “rhythm shooter” title has you driving across a zombie-riddled world with your metal band (as in the music style), and performing songs to kill the zombies via the guns and weapons of your car. There are 30 original songs in Double Kick Heroes, and there are some classic metal songs here as well. The game will come first to Nintendo Switch later this year.

When Ski Lifts Go Wrong – This game is very much like Bridge Construction Simulator where you’ll try and construct ski lifts, bridges, ramps, and more to help winter wonderland enthusiasts get to the their destination…in one piece. The game is out right now!

Forager – A 2D open-world title. You’ll begin with nothing but a pickaxe, and then go through the world collecting items, getting stronger, fighting enemies, and expanding your world one square at a time. The game promises big fights, lots of fun, and classic old-school music. It’s coming out to Switch soon.

Goat Simulator: The Goaty – If you don’t know about this game…look it up…but yeah, it’s coming to Switch, actually…it’s out right now, and it has all the DLC and updates that the game has gotten since launch.

Inmost – Easily one of the standouts of the Nintendo Indie Highlights showcase, Inmost is an atmospheric puzzle-platformer that features you controlling three very different characters in a dark story that is all connected. But how? You’ll have to find out when it comes first to Nintendo Switch later this year.

Unruly Heroes – Play alone, or play with friends as four very unique heroes in this beautifully rendered platforming adventure. You’ll go through levels and fight enemies by the droves. Or, you can go and fight one another in the multiplayer modes! See how you like it, as Unruly Heroes is out right now on Switch.

Cross Code – A fast-paced sci-fi top-down 2D action title, Cross Code brings together many fun aspects to create a very unique experience. Including a deep story and world, many characters, insane combat, and more. The game is coming to Switch in 2019, and will have content exclusive to it.

SteamWorld Quest – From Image & Form games comes SteamWorld Quest. A card-based RPG that’ll have you going through the popular SteamWorld in a whole new way. Travel on an adventure, get new cards to make your deck, and use those cards in battle to defeat enemies! The game releases first on Nintendo Switch later this year.

And that’s a wrap on the Nintendo Indie Highlights for today. Let us know your thoughts on all of these games in the comments below.

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