The Internet had a field day with Bandersnatch, a special episode of Black Mirror that let viewers choose the storyline through a series of different options. Plot trees were mapped, conspiracy theories were discussed, and easter eggs were uncovered. I even thought through the implications of the entire premise of the episode. However, it seems like Netflix is here to remind us just how weird and intricate the whole endeavor was by hinting at an ending that no one (or very few) people had seen.

The hint comes from a tweet from the Netflix UK account that encourages fans to look at the family photo one more time: 

Fans were in a tizzy about it, wondering what exactly happens if you follow this series of events. Well, if you’re looking to put in the time to doing yet another play through of the episode, you might want to stop reading here. If you’re dying to know what happens, well…

It turns out that by choosing the family photo a second time, you get a special nightmare where Stefan is stabbed by none other than JFD, the author of the Bandersnatch book in the show, and you’ll get a soft ending. Now, is it entirely necessary for you to see this ending in order to fully enjoy the movie? No, of course not. But gamers know anything worth doing is worth, it’s worth doing to 100%.

Now there is some debate about how secret this ending is. While Netflix posted about it on January 8th, Bustle actually talks about it in their endings recap back on December 28th, but as long as people find this truly creepy and out-of-nowhere ending, it’s a win for everyone. Though if you’re lazy or too busy catching up on all the other shows you need to watch to go back one more time, I’m sure someone will upload it to YouTube in the near future.

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