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Update: After playing a few rounds with the controller, this definitely makes the game feel more like the console version. Most of the people I played against didn’t even stand a chance. This is going to cause some issues for some, others are going to love this.

When Epic Games released the mobile version of Fornite for iOS and Android, I gave it a spin. Then I was immediately put off due to the lack of controller support. This is a game where onscreen controls simply don’t work as intended. Sure, you can play it, but if you had a controller you could play it better. Well, looks like Epic Games has heard the cries and complaints and have introduced controller support.

In the latest update for Fornite Mobile, both Bluetooth and MFI controller support. This update is available now, so when you boot up the game it will force the update.

For those wondering what exactly MFI is, that’s Apple’s proprietary technology for connecting wireless accessories to their devices. It’s actually in the name, Made For iPhone. Apple started using this over Bluetooth some time ago, which basically screwed over a lot of people who invested in Bluetooth controllers to play on their iPhones and iPads. For example, 3Bitdo’s controllers don’t support MFI, so you aren’t able to use them anymore on Apple devices.

According to Epic Games, this update supports most Bluetooth controllers, such as the SteelSeries Stratus XL, Gamevice, XBox1, Razer Raiju, and Moto Gamepad. Since I happen to have a few controllers not listed, I’ll be giving those a try. This also includes the updated Xbox One controllers, since they also support Bluetooth. As for iOS, they only listed the Steelseries Nimbus and Gamevice. There are quite a few others so I expect this list to grow eventually. Sadly, I don’t have any MFI controllers to test out and report back.

In addition to the controller support, Epic is also rolling out 60Hz support for select Android devices. Such as the Huawei Honor View 20, Mate 20 X and the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Source: Epic Games

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