Star Trek as a franchise is all about the hope for a better tomorrow, but things are looking pretty grim for fans of the films. We previously reported that while Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth, the two main leads for the upcoming Star Trek 4, had walked away from negotiations, there was still hope that they could be brought back. However, it seems like Paramount is ready to call it quits for this round.

The clincher for this whole affair? SJ Clarkson, who was on board to direct, has taken HBO’s offer to direct the upcoming Games of Thrones prequel. As such, outlets are now reporting that the project has been put on hold by Paramount. Ultimately, this news is not surprising, given that you can’t really continue a Star Trek reboot without your Captain Kirk. Given that both Pine and Hemsworth were pulling in much larger paychecks for their work in different superhero franchises, it’s not hard to see why they chose to step away from the project. There’s been no official word yet from the studio, and none from any of the actors involved in the project.

Still, Trekkies do have some things to look forward to in 2019. Besides the next season of Star Trek: Discovery, there are also three new Trek shows on the horizon, one of them with the legendary Patrick Stewart involved. This could also open up the door to do some Star Trek films that don’t center around the Enterprise, which could make for some great storytelling. 

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