Marc Lombardi

Interview: Our Talk With Comic Professional Marc Lombardi

Host Note: This interview was my idea, as I’ve known Marc Lombardi for quite some time and he’s been helpful in my own comics journey. I knew going in to this, that we would talk about Comicsgate and its controversies, it was important to me that we did so because Marc has been very vocal against Comicsgate and has been defending good people, I wanted him to explain why he took the stance he did, and explain to those who don’t know what Comicsgate is, because many honestly don’t know the background of it. There are large parts of the interview where we don’t talk about Comicsgate, so if you want to skip the section, there’s plenty more to listen to.

In a very special interview to kickoff 2019, Todd talks with Marc Lombardi, who has been a part of the comics industry for well over a decade. He’s worked for Shadowline Comics, Greyhaven comics, and more. He’s been a writer, an editor, a letterer, and is has been behind the social media campaigns for multiple companies. Todd talks to him about the importance of all these jobs, and how social media helps promote a “modern comics” era.

Marc Lombardi is also a very vocal advocate against Comicsgate. But what is Comicsgate? How did it form? How did Marc get involved, and why does he defend certain people like he does? Is there a “right and wrong” in Comicsgate? Todd discusses it with him.

And finally, the two talk all about recent comic book movies and TV shows! Aquaman, Into the Spider-Verse, Ant-Man and the Wasp, Infinity War and Endgame, Elseworlds, and so much more! There’s a lot to talk about, and a lot to nerd out about1

So if you’re up for some comics talk, check out this interview, it’ll be a fun time!