HTC Introduces A New VR Headset During CES 2019, The Vive Cosmos

Going into CES 2019, I expected a bunch of new gaming-related items. New keyboards, some super small and sexy PC cases, monitors and various other tidbits. I didn’t expect to see a new VR headset as I assumed that both companies providing them were contempt with their offerings. I was wrong, as HTC unveiled several new VR headsets; the HTC Vive Cosmos, and the Vive Pro Eye. While the Vive Pro Eye looks to be an updated version of the Vive Pro, the Vive Cosmos is a completely new beast. 

HTC has released a press release that HTC and a trailer, that helps paint a picture of what to expect.  In the trailer, we can see some highlights regarding the headset and at some point, a smartphone appears. Which I’m going to speculate that this means the Vive Cosmos will be compatible with smartphones?

VR without boundaries.

Prepare yourself for striking graphics, lifelike sound, and immersive experience. Bring it home or to the office. Play it at a friend’s. All made possible with the all new VIVE tracking system.

We also see that the front visor flips upward, so there’s no need to remove the entire headset when in use. Just flip the visor up and you’re back in the real world. A pair of controllers were also shown. They look very similar to the Oculus Quest controllers. With the buttons and joystick incorporated into the controller – I mean they’re strikingly similar. I also didn’t see any mention of the conventional Vive base station. So it looks like this new headset might do away with this. I’m all for a wireless experience, that’s for sure. 

vive cosmos controller-light-right

Taking a trip over to the Vive Cosmos website, it’s mentioned that the headset will also use a new tracking system. As well as a new and sharper display, while the headset will fit more comfortably onto our heads.

Outside of that, there hasn’t been a mention of the price, a release date or any other specifics. Hopefully, we’ll find out more on the HTC Vive Cosmos during CES 2019. But if you’re looking to jump into VR, like I am, perhaps this might be a better place to start?