While Capcom finally showed off footage of their upcoming Resident Evil 2 Remake, fans of the series have known this was coming out for a while. Sure, it definitely doesn’t take away any thunder from the announcement as it looked amazing during the reveal. It was nice to finally see the game in action, especially since it’s been ages since I’ve played the title. To say that I’m looking forward to playing it again is an understatement.

However, the recent E3 2018 announcement did leave a few questions unanswered. Such as is this a PlayStation 4 exclusive? What’s with the new camera and more? So let us set you down for a spell and answer your questions like a good senpai should.

Lastly, folks, a lot of this info has some spoilers in it. If you don’t want to be spoiled, then you may want to avoid this article. 


Update 3: PlayStation has released new footage on Nov. 19, 2018. In this footage, we can see Claire going up against a licker, among other things. This is running on a PlayStation 4 and give us a better look at the gore damage system.

Update 2: Some new footage was released on Oct 4, 2018. Over 30 minutes of gameplay, showing off parts of Claire’s scenario. Definitely worth a look.


No, this not a PS4 exclusive title

While the Resident Evil 2 Remake was shown during Sony’s E3 2018 presentation, it is not a PS4 exclusive. So you can breathe easy now.  It will be available for not only the PlayStation 4 but also the Xbox One and PC, on Jan. 25, 2019. As for the switch, don’t count this out yet as Capcom did create Resident Evil 7 Cloud for the system. And while it was only available in Japan, something tells me that Capcom will likely use this method for more games in the future. 

Both the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X will support enhancements for each respective platform. 

Update: The PS4 Pro and Xbox One X will both have two modes to choose from according to Capcom. A visual mode that supports 4K with a lower frame rate (30FPS) and a performance mode that will prioritize 60FPS at possibly 1080p. 

As for the PC, you can see both the minimum and recommended specs below.


Minimum PC Specs

  • OS: WINDOWS 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (64-BIT Required) 
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-4460, 2.70GHz or AMD FX-6300 or better 
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM 
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 or AMD Radeon R7 260x with 2GB Video RAM 
  • DirectX: Version 11

Recommended PC Specs

  • OS: WINDOWS 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (64-BIT Required) 
  • Processor: Intel Core i7-3770 or AMD FX-9590 or better 
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM 
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 or AMD Radeon RX 480 with 3GB VRAM 
  • DirectX: Version 11

And yes, the PC version will have Denuvo included. This has been listed on the official listing on Steam (link).

These specs are likely to play the game at 1080 at either a 30/60FPS. Running at 144op and 4K will require a bit more graphical power, such as a GTX 1080 Ti or Nvidia’s upcoming RTX 20xx series cards. We’ll update once we know more about what you’ll need to run at the latter resolutions.

Install Sizes

PlayStation 4: TBA
Xbox One: Standard Edition – 21.07 GB / Deluxe Edition – 21.14GB (From Microsoft store)
PC/Windows: 26GB

What is Resident Evil 2 Remake?

As the title suggests, Resident Evil 2 Remake is, well, a remake of the original Resident Evil 2 title. But this isn’t a simple port. Gone are the fixed camera angles from Resident Evil 2. Instead, a new over-the-shoulder view has been implemented. Similar to what we saw in Resident Evil 4/5/6, this will provide games with a better view of the action. And if we’re being honest, I was never really a fan of the fixed camera angles, so I was really happy when the over-the-shoulder view was rumored back during 2016. The original tank controls will return, but a new modernized control scheme will also be available.


The gameplay isn’t the only thing getting a touch-up. The remake will introduce update visuals, enhanced music, and will run on Capcom’s RE Engine. The very same engine that powered Resident Evil 7.

Resident Evil 2 introduced characters who would go on to become some of the most iconic and beloved heroes in Capcom’s history: rookie police officer Leon S. Kennedy and college student Claire Redfield, who are thrust together by a disastrous outbreak in Raccoon City that transformed its population into deadly zombies. They must work together to survive and get to the bottom of what is behind the terrifying attack. Both Leon and Claire have their own separately playable campaigns, allowing players to see the story from both characters’ perspective.
Twenty years later, the new Resident Evil 2 sees the nightmare return, now with unprecedented levels of immersion as seen in last year’s acclaimed Resident Evil. With Capcom’s proprietary RE Engine powering a new photorealistic style, the characters themselves appear sharper than ever and the grotesque hordes of zombies are brought to life with a horrifyingly realistic wet gore effect. Zombies now react in real time as they take instant visible damage, making every bullet from the player count. Stunning lighting brings the familiar rooms and corridors of Raccoon City Police Department to new life. Players will feel they’re in the shoes of heroes Leon and Claire, terrified to step out of the light for fear of what flesh-eating nightmares might await them in the darkness.

What about the zapping system?

The system that allowed gamers to switch back and forth between Leon and Claire, is gone. Confirmed by Capcom during E2 2018, this system was removed. Instead, you’ll play two different campaigns for both protagonists. They still haven’t said on if either two will cross over at some point.

Familiar faces make their return

Sure, we already know that Leon Kenndy and Claire Redfield (Yes, Chris’s sister) return. But they aren’t the only ones. That red dress wearing spy, Ada Wong is also back and it wasn’t like she wasn’t going to be around. She’s an important part of the game. We’ve also seen the ill-fated Birkin family; Sherry, Annette, and William. Anyone remember that boss fight with the later? 

Update 5: Two more characters were announced to make their return on January 14, 2019. The badass Hunk, who first surfaced in Resident Evil 2’s “The Fourth Survivor” scenario. Tofu also makes his return, who originally showed up the scenario  “The Tofu Survivor”, which was a harder version of Hunk’s scenario. Mainly due to only being able to weird a knife to attack.

Both will be playable via a mini-game, upon completion of Leon and Claire’s campaigns. And for Tofu’s sake, I hope he gets a better ending this time. The last time we saw him, he was being cooked and eaten by Hunk at the end of his scenario. Despite making this way through waves of Zombies, definitely not the end I’d wish for.

Resident Evil 2 - 1142019 - Hunk-01 Resident Evil 2 - 1142019 - Tofu -02 Resident Evil 2 - 1142019 - Tofu -01 Resident Evil 2 - 1142019 - Hunk-02


Update 4:

Screenshots of Ada Wong in her updated dress have been revealed.

Has anything changed, gameplay-wise?

While it’s too early to say, Capcom has stated that fans and veterans of Resident Evil 2 will notice a few changes. For starters, zombie placements that you remember have been changed up. Item locations will also change, so your original strategies won’t work this time around. I also noticed from the footage I’ve seen that the zombie’s ragdoll physics are a lot better. Now, limbs will fall out, or the skin surround their heads can be blown completely off. The level of details is amazing and a bit disturbing.

I’m also hoping we get some super-hard or new game plus modes to extend the game longevity as well.


Check out 17-minutes of gameplay from Gamespot’s hands-on with the title at E3 2018.

How many editions of the game are there?

There are three versions of Resident Evil 2 Remake. The standard edition, deluxe and collector’s edition. The standard is priced at $59.99, the deluxe at $69.99 and the collector’s edition will set you back $199.99. The game will be available as a digital download or physical copy for the standard and deluxe. While the CE is only available via physical copy, as it includes a number of items that come with it.

It’s also only available at Gamestop if you’re looking to pick this edition up.

Resident Evil 2 Remake CE

Standard Edition

  • S.T.A.R.S. members Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine’s signature Samurai Edge handguns. (pre-order bonus only)

Deluxe Edition 

  • Leon Costume: “Arklay Sheriff”
  • Leon Costume: “Noir”
  • Claire Costume: “Military”
  • Claire Costume: “Noir”
  • Claire Costume: “Elza Walker”
  • Deluxe Weapon: “Samurai Edge – Albert Model”
  • Classic Resident Evil 2 Soundtrack Swap

Collection’s Edition 

  • Full Game
  • Special Deluxe Packaging
  • Extra DLC Pack Card
  • Leon Costume: “Arklay Sheriff”
  • Leon Costume: “Noir”
  • Claire Costume: “Military”
  • Claire Costume: “Noir”
  • Claire Costume: “Elza Walker”
  • Deluxe Weapon: “Samurai Edge – Albert Model”
  • “Original Version” Soundtrack Swap
  • Leon S. Kennedy (R.P.D. Version) Figure: An expertly-crafted 12-inch figure of Leon on his first day in his new RPD police uniform, re-created to mirror his in-game design down to the smallest details. A must-have for any Resident Evil fan or collector!
  • “Ben’s File” Art Book: A 32-page book left behind by Ben Bertolucci, a freelance journalist who makes an appearance in Resident Evil 2. This file contains photos and files documenting events after the Raccoon City tragedy and was filed away as a highly confidential document by the U.S. government. It’s never been seen by the public… until now.
  • Digital Soundtrack
  • A voucher code for a 25-track album featuring new songs from the remake of Resident Evil 2, as well as a selection of arrangements from the original game.
  • “R.P.D.” Renovation Design Poster: A diagram reminiscent of blueprints, this poster illustrates how the building was renovated and transformed from a museum to a police facility when work was being done on the building in 1969.


Are we looking forward to Resident Evil 2 Remake?

Hell yeah, we are. I can’t even begin to tell you how much of an impact that Resident Evil 2 had on me. It scared the crap out of me, it kept me up at night and I loved it. Easily one of my favorites of the series, hands down. And ever since I heard that Capcom was working on the remake, I couldn’t wait. I’m sure if Capcomw as here right now they could tell you how many emails I’ve sent to them regarding the game. Trust me, it as a lot of emails.

For now all we (and you) can do is wait. Resident Evil 2 Remake doesn’t release until January 25, 2019, bearing any delays. That’s still a good 7-months away. 

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