Bethesda Now Banning Players Who’ve Accessed The Secret Developer Room In Fallout 76

It wasn’t too long ago that it was reported that several PC players of Fallout 76, had stumbled into a secret room in the game. In this room were various in-game items, an NPC, as well as some currently unreleased in-game content. It was assumed that Bethesda would eventually ban those players and as of yesterday, that’s exactly what they’re doing. 

Bethesda has now been temporary banning players that have accessed this room, pending a full investigation. Reason being is that this room is only accessible by using a 3rd party cheat tool. According to Eurogamer, they first found out about the bans via a Polish Facebook account. Since then they have obtained an English translation from Bethesda directly.

We are looking into accounts where players have obtained items by accessing areas of the game that are not intended for the public. These areas are only accessible to PC players that are using 3rd party applications to get into these areas.

“In an effort to ensure the integrity of these characters and accounts, these accounts are being temporarily disabled pending further investigation. Players that have accessed these areas and have had their accounts impacted are encouraged to contact our support team.”

The main issue with this is that players who did enter this room had been able to circulate items taken from the room. So now other accounts have these issues and Bethesda, for the moment, isn’t able to determine whoever had these items earned them officially or were given the goods from the room.

It just feels like Bethesda is running into one issue after another when it comes to Fallout 76. But what really escapes me is why they would put this room in a production server. With most games, developers would set up a room where they test items and catalog them in a test server. That way they can do as they need, without possibly doing damage (like here) in the production server. Once it’s all tested, they bring it over and everything is good. Why Bethesda decided this was a good idea just doesn’t make sense. 

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