The 2018 Overwatch Season Finishes with this Showdown

The Overwatch League is (finally) nearing the end of it’s first off season.  Though we’re still more than a month away from the February 14th start date I’m sure that I’m not the only one who is excited to see the best Overwatch players in the world compete again.  With eight new teams joining the league and nearly every other experiencing major shakeups, the league is looking better than ever.  So why wait for Valentines day?  Tonight you can see a season one favorite go up against one of the new expansion teams in a show match called the Pacific Challenge.  Here are three reasons to cancel your plans with the in-laws and tune in. 


See the new Overwatch League team in action

One of three new Chinese teams in season two, the Guangzhou Charge are far from the worst team joining the league.  The lineup for this new team includes Philadelphia Fusion Flex powerhouse Hong-joon “HOTBA” Choi along with British World Cup DPS Finley “Kyb” Adisi.  Also on the roster are LDG Gaming’s Chen “OnlyWish” Lizhen and Ou “Eileen” Yiliang.  Regardless of how this team performs tonight, it’s going to me exciting to see their first match together.  


A new and Improved Dynasty

The Dynasty came into the Overwatch League with all eyes on them.  Everyone had big expectations for this team, and with a core of Lunatic-Hai players how could expectations be low?  These expectations were, in as many words, not met.  Seoul failed to qualify for even a single stage playoff and ended the season in only 8th place.  The Dynasty can’t have been satisfied with these results and have made some big changes.  In addition to adding new head coach, KDG Seoul has added five new players to the roster, while saying goodbye to eight.  The biggest grab for the Dynasty in the off season has been the acquisition of Chan-hyung “Fissure” Baek from the Gladiators.  A major force on main tank, all eyes will be on his tonight and how he integrates with his new team.  


See how to really play Ashe

I’m not a DPS main, but even I know that on ladder there still isn’t a consensus on how to play the latest Overwatch hero.  With powerful kit and a game breaking ultimate she is a force to be reckoned with.  The problem is, as it is with all new heroes, that while at least one person on your team is going to want to player her every match, probably no one on the team is going to know how to use her the best way.  Tonight we’ll get a chance to see how the pros are using the new character.  From positioning to combos, everyone will be able to take something away from tonight.  

 So tonight, even though it’s going to be a half a world away from the stage in Los Angeles, and late, and only a friendly show match, you need to do yourself a favor and check out this game.  You won’t be disappointed.  The Pacific Challenge is only hours away, at 9PM PST.  You can see all the action on twitch or youtube.   

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James Verzuh

James 'CorporalV' Verzuh was a real corporal once. Now he plays too much Overwatch and writes about esports.