War of Infinite Panels, Issue #17 – A Hero’s Journey

Another month, another round of comic news! However, it’s mostly all sad news, what with Stan Lee passing away, Daredevil getting the can, and Voltron coming to an end. 

Here’s some highlights from this episode:

1:10 – Excelsior, Stan Lee

8:50 – So long, Stephen Hillenberg

14:10 – Matt Murdock, Netflix’s latest victim

21:40 – Voltron’s latest saga comes to a close

26:40 – Witches back on top!

Comic Recommendations

The Mighty Thor Vol 3 and 4 by Jason Aaron and Seve Epting Mage Vol. 5: The Hero Denied by Matt Wagner The Cape by Joe Hill, Zach Howard, and Jason Ciaramella