Tumblr made an announcement on Monday that starting on December 17, all sexual and sexually explicit content will be banned from their blogging site. Tumblr said this content includes photos, videos, or GIF’s that depict genitals, female nipples, or any sexual acts.” This also includes illustrations and artwork as well so it doesn’t have to be real-life in order to get banned. However, there is some leniency with the ruling as certain things such as breastfeeding, birth, or after-birth moments are allowed. Medical situations, sexually-written material, nudity in political statements, nudity in an art-like presentation will also continue to be allowed.

Currently, Tumblr has implemented some algorithms which are flagging bannable content and notifying the account holders that their content will be hidden after December 17. Those posts will not only be hidden but will also be automatically set to private which will disable the ability for them to be shared. There is an appeal system in case your content was flagged by mistake as the company realizes that no code is truly perfect and there will be errors when determining what kind of content is bannable. 

Source: The Verge

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