During the “final” Super Smash Bros Ultimate Direct, Masahiro Sakurai pulled back the curtain on the Adventure Mode for the game. It was going to be called World Of Light, and it would feature a Smash Bros world (and universe) devastated by a being called Galeem. Who not only took over the world in a…snap…but he captured and “killed” all of the Smash Bros characters save for Kirby.

The epic trailer for World of Light was done in the style of the Smash Bros trailer, and it really set the tone for the Adventure Mode. But, it left many curious, would there be more cutscenes like this in the mode?

In an interview with Game Informer, a member of the Nintendo Treehouse, JC Rodrigo, revealed that there would be, but that they won’t be the focus:


“You will see some [cutscenes], but it’s really more on focusing on the loot grind, and that flow of getting Spirits. It’s more about the matches and the way of collecting stuff you have an affinity for – a certain IP or franchise you love and you’re just like, ‘I really need this!’ It’s more about that than anything else, but you may see a couple here and there.”

Still, this mode is going to be something special, as will all the modes when Super Smash Bros Ultimate arrives on December 7th!

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