The Nier: Automata Texture Pack Sure Does Wonders The Game

It’s like the gift of Nier: Automata just keeps on giving. Despite the game still not receiving the promised updates from Square Enix. Thankfully the community had stepped up and has been providing some much-needed support.

First, there was the FAR mod that helped with not only resolution but also framerate issues. Then most recently NAIOM or the NieR: Automata Input Overhaul Mod was released, which deals with input issues, and even adding the option to bind specific keys. However, there was another helpful tool for Nier: Automata that was released and one that I wasn’t aware of until today.

That being the Nier: Automata Texture Pack, created by GPUnity. This adds a much-needed boost to the current blurry textures, by providing higher resolutions textures. The result is immediately noticeable when compared to the original textures.

NieR Automata HD Texture Pack Screenshot-01

As part of a continuing process, this constantly being worked on. In fact, this the second release of the texture update. So you may see some textures that haven’t been touched yet. After installing them for myself, I can definitely see a difference using these and compared to the original textures. This did cause me to see a performance hit – however, the better-looking textures definitely made up that. To get started, you just download the files from Nexus Mods and dump them into the game directory. You’ll also need to have the FAR mod installed as well. For more information on the install, head here

If you’re frustrated with how Square Enix and Platinum Games have treated the port of this gem on the PC. Then definitely texture pack a go. I’m sure you’ll be happy with the results. And once you do, be sure to stop by Twitter and thank GPUunity for his work.

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