Rock Out This Holiday Season with the ‘Aggretsuko’ Christmas Episode

With Aggretsuko‘s second season still a ways away in 2019, fans might be missing the ever-metal Retsuko as the season of holiday stress descends on us all. But never fear, Netflix has got you covered. They are releasing a special Aggretsuko Christmas episode to get you in the spirit…the spirit of rage, that is.

The official synopsis from Netflix gives us a peek into our favorite red panda’s continuous struggle with adulthood and working life: “While Retsuko desperately makes plans for Christmas Eve, her new obsession with seeking validation through social media spirals out of control.” In the new poster we got for the special, we also see Retsuko with a blushing Haida – could they finally be an item? Probably not, but hey, the show sure does seem content to play with the romantic tensions there. There is lots of holiday fun to enjoy in this new special!


The special will once again be directed by Rareko and all the Japanese and English cast will be reprising their roles. The special features a punk cover of “Jingle Bells” by Tim Timebomb (Rancid), which is sure to put you in the holiday mood. 

Aggretsuko: We Wish You a Very Metal Christmas premieres on Netflix on December 20, 2018.

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