Review: Doki Doki Crate November 2018

Another month, another crate full of cuteness at my door! And unlike last month, where I am was very lukewarm on the items inside, this month has really impressed me and I am excited to dive in. Let’s not waste any more time.

This month’s theme is Cute Confections. Again, props for coming with a pamphlet that explains what everything is and how it works, which is very useful for Japanese products.

Mochifuwa Piyomaru

This is legitimately the softest thing I have ever owned. This plush came in three varieties and while I would have loved the pink one (yes, I am very basic, thank you), my yellow one is adorable. They are supposed to look and feel like mochis and so they do! The quality is very high, and I frankly love it. I’m a big texture person, I always go for the soft things to hold while watching TV or doing stressful, annoying this, and this plush is perfect for that. I am going to look into buying a big version of these so I can make them into the world’s most comfortable fort.

Rilakkuma Cookie Mold Set

I love to bake, so this is actually pretty useful for me! Two teddy molds and one duck is a little limited but the face plates for detail work. It’s a cute little addition and perfect for baking holiday sweets that re coming up in December. They’re small and strong, all you can ask for in a cookie cutter.

Rilakkuma Sweet Strawberry Mug

You know what goes with cookies? Tea! Coffee! Hot chocolate! Whatever the beverage you choose, this cute mug will hold it. This time, I think having the two items from the same franchise actually makes sense given the theme and again, a very high-quality item. I’ve already taken mine to work to have my morning tea in absolute cuteness.

My Melody Treat Bags

This is actually my least favorite item, but in a box that I love that’s not the worst thing. These are basically cookie bags, the cute cellophane bags you so often see in anime. My box of bags was a little beat up so that also was a minus. Still, it’s cute for if I never need some fast wrapping for goodie bags or presents. Solid quality, and it’s nice that you get a good bunch of them but still. 

Little Twin Stars Container

Like I said before, I am not a big fan of Little Twin Stars but this item has become surprisingly useful! The quality is a little kid-toy-plastic-y but it’s a strong construction. I’ve ended up using it to hold my stationery for my thank you and holiday cards. The colors are very cute and it fits into small spaces. Overall, I’m quite pleased with it.


This is a great crate – it’s got lots of useful items, it’s very well tied around the theme, and the majority of the items are of really high quality. A most excellent selection!

  • Mochifuwa Piyomaru
  • Rilakkuma Cookie Mold Set
  • Rilakkuma Sweet Strawberry Mug
  • My Melody Treat Bags
  • Little Twin Stars Container

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