For much of the night at The Game Awards, Nintendo was surprisingly quiet. We had gotten an indie game reveal, we had gotten a 3rd party exclusive, and…that was about it. But then, while host Geoff Keighley was talking, the power went out at the stadium, and the worlds mind was about to be blown. Because Persona 5 arrived on screen. Many were likely thinking spinoff title, but instead, the Smash Bros logo flashed on one of the cards, and Nintendo confirmed that Joker is going to be the first DLC character pack.

To remind you, after the launch of Super Smash Bros Ultimate, there will be 5 DLC characters. Each character will be there own “pack”, for they’re come with not only their own character, but a stage and a bunch of music. Joker from Persona 5 is the first of that five (Piranha Plant is not a DLC character, but a bonus character.)

This is a VERY interesting reveal, for Persona 5 has NOT been on the Nintendo Switch (but it’s teasing rumors that a port is coming…), so this actually breaks the “one rule” about 3rd party inclusions. However, this is a welcome addition, for Persona does have a good history on Nintendo platforms, mainly the 3DS. And Atlus (the publisher) has a really good relationship with Nintendo.

Reggie Fils-Aime talked afterwards about the reveal, and noted that this is but a “taste” of what’s to come, and that we should expect more surprises like this. Super Smash Bros Ultimate is about to arrive! And Joker won’t be far behind.

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