Persona 5 R Is Real After All, More Info To Come March 2019

You know all that talk about an updated version of Persona 5, dubbed Persona 5 R? You know how everyone was assuming it was actually happening? Well, turns out those people were right as Atlus rolled out a new trailer teasing a date on when we’ll get more information on the game. March 2019, so we have a few months to stew over what exactly this updated game is going to bring us.


I gotta be honest. For an updated version of an existing game, Atlus is being really cagey about it all. Why not just tell us what is being added, instead of making us wait a few months. Oh well, it is how Atlus does things after all.

There’s also a new website at, so you can check that out as well. 

As for the hopeful Nintendo Switch version, I’m guessing that’s out the window now. As you can see, the PlayStation logo is the very first thing you see. So it’s safe to assume that this is a PlayStation 4 exclusive. Guessing adding Joker to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was all we were going to see on a Nintendo Switch – at least for now.

We’ll see you during March 2019 with more information!