New Images of Live-Action ‘Kim Possible’ Has Fans Doubting

We are getting some of the first images of the upcoming Kim Possible live-action remake, and many people are…concerned. Yeah, let’s go with that.

First off, we have our two stars, Sadie Stanley as Kim Possible and Sean Giambrone as the sidekick Ron Stoppable:


Then there’s our Wade, played by Disney Channel star  Issac Ryan Brown:

Our villain is Professor Dementor, who was a character on the original show and is the only character in this live-action version to be played by his voice actor, Patton Oswalt:


What’s high school drama without the bully? We’ve got our Bonnie, Kim’s social nemesis, played by Erika Tham. Though now it appears they are on the soccer team rather than cheerleading which is…a choice?

And finally, we’ve got a new character. Athena, played by Ciara Wilson, “a new high school student Kim and Ron befriend who ironically also happens to be the ultimate Kim Possible fan. Her dream comes true when she finds herself tagging along on important missions and joining in on all of the action and adventure.”

Christy Carlson Romano, who was the original voice of Kim in the show, will have a role in the film, we just don’t know what yet. 

If you’re looking at these images and cringing, you’re not the only one. The consensus here at the Outerhaven was a firm “…oh no why” and well, it seems we’re not alone in that sentiment:




Still, you can’t always judge a movie by its promo shots, so maybe the whole thing will work when it’s in action. Some fans are still hopeful that the project will help recapture some of the magic of the original show. And if not, then into the annals of bad Disney live-action remakes it shall go!

Kim Possible is set to premiere sometime in 2019 on the Disney Channel.

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