The holidays are finally upon us and VRV is looking to celebrate them by recommending some episodes to get you into the holiday spirit! With episodes spanning across many channels such as Boomerang, NickSplat!, Crunchyroll, HIDIVE, Rooster Teeth, MONDO, Cartoon Hangover, VRV Select, and Shudder, VRV is offering up something for everyone this holiday season!

VRV is highlighting the following holiday episodes:

  • Boomerang – Bunnicula – The Gingerdread Man
  • Boomerang – A Flintstones Christmas Carol
  • NickSplat! – Rocket Power
  • NickSplat! – All Grown Up
  • Crunchyroll – Laid-Back Camp
  • HIDIVE – K-ON! 
  • HIDIVE – Bloom Into You 
  • Rooster Teeth – Camp Camp 
  • MONDO – Gary and His Demons
  • Cartoon Hangover – Bee and Puppycat
  • Cartoon Hangover – Bravest Warriors 
  • VRV Select – Final Space
  • Shudder – Black Christmas

You can check out these shows over on VRV. If you’re not a member, they have a 30-Day free trial so you can experience all of the content without any risk!


About The Author

Josh Piedra

Josh (or J.J. as some have come to call him), is a long-time geek culture enthusiast with a deep passion for anime, manga and Japanese culture.Josh also has a Bachelor of Arts in Game Design and is a creative writer who has created original content for over 20 years! He is also the author of the original English light novel Final Hope.