FUNimation and Hulu have announced an anime streaming partnership. In a move that could be seen as a top ten anime betrayal, thus turning Crunchyroll into best girl by default, the contract is for an “exclusive first-look” deal. This means that Hulu has above any and all others, their pick of FUNimation’s newest titles to stream both simulcasts and simuldubs. This only counts for the United States, though and is looking to start at some point in 2019, although an exact start date has not been announced as of yet.

Hulu stated that they are looking to get over 20 series both subbed and dubbed per year. Hulu is already streaming FUNimation titles but this exclusivity will expand that library even further. Some of the big name titles that Hulu is currently streaming include Attack on Titan, My Hero Academia, and the very poorly adapted and extremely rushed Tokyo Ghoul (change my mind)!

Eric Berger, Chief Digital Officer at Sony, stressed that FUNimation is dedicated to anime while Hulu appeals to a much broader audience. They feel that Hulu will provide a bigger reach and larger platform, paving the way for stronger titles. His exact quote to Variety was as follows:

“By acquiring titles for a larger footprint, you can look for some stronger titles and ultimately be a better partners for anime studios in Japan.”

Meanwhile, upon hearing Berger’s statement, Crunchyroll and its millions of subscribers all collectively tilted their heads, muttering “nani?” in response. 

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