CD Projekt Red Cancels Their UWP Version Of Gwent


While we’ve seen that Valve’s Steam storefront is under attack by Epic Games, that isn’t the only storefront that is having troubles. Microsoft’s Windows Store, for example, has been a sore point for PC gamers for quite some time. It’s slow, it’s unsightly and it doesn’t always work properly. Adding to insult is that UWP hasn’t taken off as well as expected. Only a hand full of  3rd-party games to support UWP. CD Projekt Red seems to have had enough of this and has canceled the UWP version of Gwent, their popular card game from The Witcher series.

As a few days ago, the UWP version has been removed from the storefront and if you already had a copy, it is no longer possible to play it. Thankfully, you are able to transfer your progress and content to the GOG version of the game. For more info on transferring your can, go here.

Dear gamers,  

We decided to suspend support for the UWP Windows Store version of GWENT. The game has been removed from the Windows Store, and starting today, playing GWENT’s UWP version is no longer possible.   Your account can still be used to play the Xbox One version of the game thanks to the Xbox Play Anywhere feature. On PC, all UWP players can continue their GWENT experience by means of account transfer to GOG.COM. This means all GWENT in-game progress and unlocked content (ore, meteorite powder, vanity items, unopened card kegs and card scraps equivalent of all the cards in your collection) are transferable between the UWP version of the game and the GOG.COM.

This definitely isn’t good news for Microsoft. While Phil Spencer has stated he wants to tackle the Microsoft store, it looks like for CD Projekt, they are simply tired of dealing with it as it is now. If this doesn’t send a signal to Microsoft to get off their butt and fix the store. I don’t know what will. Also, if CD Projekt has moved their game, I wonder if other developers would follow suit. Sadly, this also affects Xbox Gwent players, as the title was part of Xbox Play Anywhere. They were able to play on both Windows and Xbox One, but now that isn’t viable.

I get that Microsoft is focused on the Xbox platform. However, if their promise holds true, the PC platform is also an important part of the gaming plans. Meaning Microsoft will need to kick it into gear or this likely won’t be the last UWP title that gets pulled. And that’s bad news for everyone.


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