Book 3 Of Fire Emblem Heroes Shows Off Hel

Well that was edgy as Hel.

 Jokes aside, Nintendo had just showed off the newest story content of Book 3 of Fire Emblem Heroes in  the latest FEH Channel presentation.  Needless to say, they are hammering the theme of Death and Darkness for the next book. Even the music to present it screams edge lord.


We see the setting of the new story in the realm of the Dead, Hel. Yes, We are still in the realm of Norse influence.

We are then introduced to the new characters of Book 3.

Eir: Merciful Death, Princess of the realm of Hel


Hel: Death Sovereign, Ruler of the Realm of Hel

The Generals of Hel: Lif: The Lethal Swordsman and Thrasir: The Omnicidal Witch.  Note the names and reference to Lifthrasir.

Book 3,chapters 1 and 2 will be available after maintenance has been completed.

Along with Book 3, new content is coming to the game. This comes with the addition of 4 new elemental seasons: Light, Dark, Astra and Anima.


These four new seasons will have effects on ether raids specifically.  Note that upcoming Legendary Heroes will not be the ones to receive the new  elements. Instead it will be given to a new set of heroes called Mythic Heroes. This first mythic hero will be indeed Eir who will have the Light Element.

To celebrate this, they are also doing a Hero Fest Summoning event. Alongside Eir, players will have another chance to summon Owain, Ophelia or Lewyn.


A new feature added is the First Summon Ticket. This will allow you to save the 5 orbs that would usually costs on the first summon, making full sessions only cost 15 orbs if a ticket is involved. You cannot use multiple tickets in the same session. One ticket use in a session, then orbs are used after in the same session.

Note that the First Summon Ticket only works with the event they are associated with. Basically, it has an expiration date, so make sure you use them all before the event they are associated with ends. Player will be able to earn these tickets as rewards in the Forging Bonds Event beginning  January.

The next Forging Bonds Event will include Heroes from Radiant Dawn, and finally brings in beasts units. Shown first is Tibarn: Lord of Air and if examined closely, Nailah is in as well.

Like in Book 2 with Fjorm, once you complete chapter 1 of Book 3, you will recruit Eir as a five star hero. So the summoning event is if you want to boost her even further.

I feel that the future will require me to make some blood sacrifices soon enough.

Fire Emblem Heroes is available on all mobile devices.


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