Things finally seem to be turning around for the DCEU (or Worlds of DC, whatever you prefer to call it). For not only are they announcing new projects that could be coming to the big screen soon, Aquaman is absolutely killing it in China upon its early release there. Getting over $107 million dollars in just four days! Add to that, buzz for Shazam! is building, Joker is turning heads, and Birds of Prey is set to start filming next month.

And when they do start filming, they’ll have another villain in the lineup. For it was already confirmed that Ewan McGregor was going to be in the film as Batman villain Black Mask, but now, Deadline is reporting that Chris Messina has been cast as another Batman villain: Victor Zsasz.

For those who don’t know, Victor Zsasz is one of the more psychotic villains in the Batman Rogues Gallery. He is a serial killer, one who takes great pleasure in killing foes, and when he does kill one, he cuts himself in a tally mark way to “count” his kills.


While not the smartest per se, he has shown to be very determined, and clever when it comes to getting close to his kills. He’s also a really good hand-to-hand fighter. Taking on Batman and Robin at times with little issue.

More than likely, he’ll be hired by Black Mask to either take care of the Birds of Prey, or get Cassandra Cain, who has apparently drawn the ire of Black Mask in the film.

Zsasz was shown in cameo form in Batman Begins, and has had a recurring role in the TV series Gotham since the beginning, and will return for the final season.

As for the film, it’ll arrive on February 7th, 2020. Let us know what you think of the arrival of Zsasz in the film below!


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