My name is Lemony Snicket…oh wait, no I’m not. But, it felt appropriate, because today, a trailer dropped for A Series Of Unfortunate Events Season 3. The first two seasons were big hits at Netflix, proving that sometimes the best adaptations of books aren’t done in movies (A Series Of Unfortunate Events tried this before), but in seasons that can truly expand and flesh out the story. And now, one last season is coming, one last chance to figure out the mystery of Count Olaf, VFD, Lemony Snicket, and so much more.

The trailer (which you can see below), does a wonderful job of putting us back into the fold of things, all the while teasing what is coming, and what may happen yet. Olaf is in full form, but he’s apparently not alone this time in trying to take out VFD. We also get a chance to see Beatrice Snicket in action, and she’s definitely going to be a key figure for this season.

Also glimpsed is a hotel full of “familiar faces”, an apparent trial for Count Olaf, more reveals of what VFD is, and the long-awaited meeting of Lemony Snicket and the Baudelaire children.

But how will this all end? What will be “The End”? Find out on January 1st, when A Series Of Unfortunate Events Season 3 arrives on Netflix! 

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