The 10 Best Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Remixes

Super Smash Bros. is about more than dunking on your friends in chaotic free-for-alls. Director Masahiro Sakurai and his team at Sora Ltd. were guided by that truth when developing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. While characters, gameplay and stages rightfully get a lot of attention, music occasionally gets lost in the shuffle.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Dragon Ball GT

Let’s mend that crime together. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has perhaps the best soundtrack in gaming history. Nearly every old favorite returns, but there are over 100 new bops to enjoy as well. I’ll rank them, you listen to them. Teamwork at its finest.

I’ll shoot straight – I don’t know the first thing about music theory. I played the saxophone throughout high school because I needed some extra circular for those college applications, wishing for the end of marching band season five minutes into every three hour practice. Those are my musical credentials.

That said, a banger is a banger. Nearly all of Smash Ultimate’s 107 remixes slap, but these ten hit the hardest. I have absolutely nothing of value to add to any musical discussion, but that won’t stop me from trying! I’ve added a one sentence explanation about what makes each song special in terms my fellow neanderthals can understand. Once you’ve finished reading/listening, head down to the comments and let me know how you would describe your favorite Smash Ultimate tracks!

10. Snakey Chantey (Donkey Kong)

Arrangement: Kumi Tanioka

How I Would Describe It: Kongs and Kremlings Declare an Armistice to Honor David Wise Via Joint Jam Session.

9. Fourside (Earthbound)

Arrangement: Motoi Sakuraba

How I Would Describe It: The Feeling You Get When You and The Squad Roll Into the Big City and One of Your Boies Says “We Run This Town!” and Everyone Silently Agrees as the Wind Blows Through Your Hair While You Ride Bird Scooters.

8. Battle! Gladion (Pokemon)

Arrangement: Manami Kiyota

How I Would Describe It: “Thank You for Calling Edgelord Industries. The Party You are Trying to Reach is Dyeing Their Bangs Red. Please Hold.”

7. Guile Stage (Street Fighter)

Arrangement Supervisor: Yuzo Koshiro

How I Would Describe It: Best Enjoyed Alongside a Smash Bros. Training Montage.

6. Kass’s Theme (Zelda)

Arrangement Supervisor: Yoko Shimomura

How I Would Describe It: Kass’s Song Minus the Frustration of Having to Solve His Riddles – Specifically the One Where You Have to Bomb Barricades to Create a Wind Tunnel.

5. Brinstar Depths (Metroid)

Arrangement Supervisor: Yasushi Asada

How I Would Describe It: Are We Sure This isn’t Castlevania? Let’s Just Make it Castlevania.

4. Snake Man’s Theme (Mega Man)

Arrangement Supervisor: Hideki Sakamoto

How I Would Describe It: Samurai Meets Electric Guitars, Robots from 20XX

3. Gangplank Galleon (Donkey Kong)

Arrangement: ACE (TOMOri Kudo / CHiCO)

How I Would Describe It: The Energy of Every Smash Bros. Fan during the August Direct Given Life Via Trumpet

2. Divine Bloodlines (Castlevania)

Arrangement Supervisor: Yasushi Asada

How I Would Describe It: Richter’s Swaggy Halloween 2019 Anthem

1. We’re Robots (Mega Man)

Arrangement Supervisor: Yu Shimoda

How I Would Describe It: Woodwinds Prove They’re Sexier than the Brass Section