You Weren’t The Only One Having Connection Issues With Monster Hunter World PC

But I gotta hunt the Kulve Taroth!

No, it wasn’t just you. In fact, until not too long ago, I was convinced that perhaps the Monster Hunter gods had forsaken me. Every time I went online in Monster Hunter World to kill a few monsters, my connection would drop. And I’d get a little more upset each time it happened.

Especially now that Kulve Taroth was finally available to hunt. I mean, I was really getting heated about it. Which is right around when the issues started popping up. Thankfully, it seems like this isn’t an isolated issue. As such, Capcom has both acknowledged the issue and also released a patch to address this.

We are terribly sorry for the trouble and inconvenience caused by the connection errors experienced by some of you.

We released a new patch at 9 p.m. Friday, Nov. 9 to address the issues some players are experiencing, in which an error code (such as 50382-MW1) will appear and connection is lost.

This patch rolls back several networking features to how they were prior to the last update that was released on October 30th, 2018. 

  • Adjustment to ease the creation of P2P sessions
    Adjustments have been made to make it easier to establish a P2P session with players who are waiting in the Gathering Hub when you enter the Gathering Hub yourself.

  • Reversion of some networking protocols to previous methods
    In order to diagnose the cause of the current issues, some networking protocols have been rolled back to function the way they did prior to Title Update 3.

However, as you fully know well, just because a patch was released doesn’t mean we’re out of the woods. There’s still potential for you to encounter more connection issues. So if you still find yourself having network-related issues. Be sure to send Capcom all your lovely data. Check out this Steam Community posting to see how to do that. 

So what about your valuable Kulve Taroth hunting time? Not to worry, as Capcom has also extended the questline (Banquet in the Earthen Hall) until November 22. Meaning you’ll have more time to get frustrated while you try to bag the golden beast.

Assuming you can get online, that is. 

Kulve Taroth Monster Hunter World

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